Desert dinosaurs shook some holiday mood – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Galleta Meadows in Borrego Springs
  • There are celebrated large-scale animal sculptures in several locations around Borrego Springs. they are free to see
  • Find the community in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California’s largest state park

HO, HO, BORREGO SPRING: The dozen (and dozen) amazing sculptures that can be seen in the town of Borrego Springs are often photographed under starlight or at sunrise or at any time of day that best shows the unforgettable beauty of the artwork. Surely you’ve seen the playful but powerful parts of Galleta Meadows, the giant scorpionfish (and its serpentine body) and the handsome scorpions and other epic beasts that seem to “roam” the barren desert landscape. The popular roster of living things also features some prehistoric entries, making the community a must-have for lovers of whimsical creativity, outdoor sculpture, and, yes, dinosaurs. But a pair of dinosaurs looked …

A LITTLE DIFFERENT… just before Christmas 2021. The couple wore classic Santa hats, the kind of cheerful chapeau St. Nick wears before setting off on his toy-renting tour around the globe. And in their claws? The cuteness only grows: every dinosaur has been seen with a stocking in hand. The whimsical sighting added extra joy to the Borrego Springs Chamber & Visitors Bureau’s Facebook page, and also served as a reminder that these stunning sculptures are free to view every day of the year. And people visiting the charming village and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park take the time to snap some pictures of these famous pieces.

ANZA-BORREGOS WILD BLOSSOM SEASON, by the way, is just on the winter horizon. The park is famous throughout California and beyond as one of the ultimate places to see a dazzling array of desert wildflowers, the blooms of which often appear in mid or late January. Your best bet? Keep an eye on the park’s grounds to see the season of splendor unfold. Much depends on rain and weather, and when and how many buds show up can change from year to year.

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