Dentist Office and Pharmacy Broken Into in Fountain Valley – NBC Los Angeles

One hole and now two businesses have been burglarized while the owners say it’s clear this was a well planned break in.

It is not the kind of drill normally heard at a dentist’s office but on Tuesday it’s the drill heard as a construction worker starts repairing a hole in the wall between two adjoining businesses.

Rosa Tran knew right away her dental office was not what burglars were after even though her alarms were the first to alert the police.

The break in happened just before 4 am Tuesday. The front door to Rosy Dental had been smashed to pieces so too the wall that connects her office to Trinity Mission Pharmacy next door.

“They didn’t even jump over and steal anything from my office,” said Tran. “They got out before cops came and it was really well planned I’m sure.”

Next door there are metal gates and numerous surveillance cameras even motion sensors.

Once inside only a sliding glass window separates the prescription drugs from the lobby.

“It’s just scary how smart they are to do like that,” Tran said.

Natalie Nguyen the pharmacist owner says it’s the first time in 20 years she’s ever had a break in.

But before she can tally up the loss her pharmacist must methodically count what is missing.

She suspects it will be controlled drugs like oxycodine.

By law even the drug enforcement agency will get a report.

“We have to count all inventory and report to the board and DEA,” Nguyen.

The pharmacy is fairly secure including metal shelving which runs on the entire wall except for the exact spot where they broke in.

“I think they did a good job of measuring and figuring out which two small guys could fit through there the hole was pretty small,” Nguyen.

The opening is less than two feet wide but big enough to glide in and out leaving one dentist surprised and one pharmacy still calculating the loss.

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