Dec 31 | Local Animal Fundraisers!


I am a new local to Santa Monica (September 2021). Working in real estate, I have always believed in trying to better my community through my business. Recently, I hosted a fundraiser on Main Street in Santa Monica for a local animal shelter, Wags & Walks. The event aimed to raise awareness for the local animals needing attention, medical care, and a loving family. I am happy to share that we reached our fundraising goal of $1,500 (approximately $500 saves one dog from kill shelters and covers their medical expenses).

I’m reaching out to Patch to see if we could do a community piece about the event! The fundraising link is still open, and we are trying to raise awareness through the holiday season to save even more pups!

Further, I am already planning our next community event, a charity golf tournament at the local Penmar Golf Course, in March! This event primarily focuses on parent/child (or guardian) to give local youth a platform to develop a passion for golf, spend time with family, and potentially bring home a new furry best friend! This event will also be a fundraiser focusing on raising awareness and donations for Wags & Walks Animal Shelter. We will have adoptable dogs (and puppies) on-site at the golf course, food, drinks, and prizes for all the groups.

I would love to chat with someone at Patch about both events and raise more awareness about each to help better our community! I have attached the following:

  1. The flyer for the fundraiser on Main Street we just had; other
  2. The link to the fundraiser that is still open for donations is here.

I can provide plenty of pictures of the event and more information if you are interested in writing about it!

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