Crews Continue on Repairs for 40-Foot Deep Sinkhole in Chatsworth – NBC Los Angeles

Crews continue to work on a sinkhole that opened up last week in Chatsworth as a heavy storm hit Southern California, Caltrans said Monday.

The sinkhole opened up Jan. 9 at about 9:30 pm to the 11400 block of Iverson Road, just south of the 118 Freeway northeast of Los Angeles.

The sinkhole first began with a depth of 15 feet and has now grown to 40 feet deep, 50 feet wide and 50 feet long.

The #sinkhole that swallowed 2 vehicles in #Chatsworth continued to grow exponentially in size.

Multiple City agencies came together to mitigate the recovery phase of this incident.

Your @LAFD made a swift decision to put their personal safety aside & perform a dynamic rescue.

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It swallowed two cars, trapping four people inside.

Two of them were able to get out but a woman and a young girl had to be rescued and were hospitalized with minor injuries.

As of now, there is no set time frame on when the repairs will be completed.

Caltrans says there is a sewer line, a water pipe and a utility phone line that has to be relocated due to the sinkhole.

That relocation is expected to be done by the end of the week.

After the relocation, crews can get a better timeline for the repairs, Caltrans said.

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