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Clenshaw sophomore Dons Luis (10) at Line of Scrimmage (Amanda Scarlock / LA Sentinel)

Despite a strong rush game, Clenshaw Cougar lost to the Franklin Panthers 46-35. This was a Puma home opener.

Franklin improved to 4-1 overall, finishing second with the Northern League Eagle Rock. Clenshaw currently has a 1-2 overall record and is fourth in the Coliseum League.

Franklin took the lead 27-7 at the end of the first quarter. Junior Hector Sevalos achieved three results in the phase, one of which was a selection. The skills he learned playing basketball helped him excel in football.

“Euro steps just work on foot and everything works,” said Ceballos. “I’m quick, I’m quick … footwork and it’s all from basketball.”

Clenshaw Senior Sion Bennett (15) (Amanda Scarlock / LA Sentinel)

Senior Zion Bennett got the Clenshaw on the scoreboard in a 32-yard scramble. In the second quarter it was broadcast to a wide receiver, and the second Don Sluis took over the reins as a cougar signaler. Although he is a player in the young national team, he is very familiar with the Klenshire football program.

“I basically dated Clenshaw from the Pap Warner team for the rest of my life,” said Lewis. “I always played every game on Friday, but not everything is really new to me.”

The second quarter also focused on Junior Marlon Wilson’s lavish game. He was able to break the tough Franklin line of defense with his prestigious run due to the cougar’s score.

“We actually worked on that, Run,” Wilson said. “We practiced and played hard. That’s all that counts.”

Crenshaw Dons Luis (10) second grade at Line of Scrimmage (Amanda Scarlock / LA Sentinel)

Junior Greg Jones performed a touchdown intercept and put the Puma on the Panthers within 7 points.

Franklin also played a strong running game with Junior Diego Munos. He quickly sat up and led Panther on. Munoz mentioned how his teammates’ efforts have enabled him to do well.

“I can’t really say it was all me. My lineman did most of the work. Without the lineman there would be no running backs or running games, ”he said. “I’m proud of my lineman. You really did the show. “

Lewis responded to Junior Andrew Win with a touchdown pass. In the half, the Panthers stayed 34-27 heads against the Cougars.

Munoz played an important role in advancing the ball in the third quarter. The down turnover put Clenshaw on her one-yard line and Franklin’s defense secured her. Ceballos made two pass cuts in the second half to strengthen his panther defense.

On the pass to Senior Aaron Gonzalez, Franklin increased his score to 43 points. In the final game of the game, Wilson stormed a 70-yard touchdown to score 35-46.

At 3:00 p.m. on October 1, Franklin travels to fight Marshall. Clenshaw will meet Hawkins at 7 p.m.

Crenshaw falls in the home opener against Franklin – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Crenshaw Falls to Franklin in Home Opener – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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