Connell Sanders: Fashion Forecast 2022

With so much out of my control in 2022, I’m more intrigued than ever by my clothing choices. Research shows that people with a stronger sense of purpose have greater interpersonal attraction, which leads to more opportunity and more fulfillment. I find that targeted dressing has the same effect, as it helps me regulate my mood and makes inconspicuous activities appear more interesting and important throughout the day.

Here are a few looks that caught my eye at the start of the new year:

Lisa Nicole Carson.  portrayed Renée Radick on

Trend: Blazers and oversized button-ups

Inspiration: Renee from “Ally McBeal”

As a little girl, I watched Ally McBeal with my mother on Monday evening. I can still remember admiring Ally’s roommate, Renee, who wore baggy blazers and oversized buttons with tiny tips showing. Renee was a confident prosecutor who never let herself be choked on her shoulder pads. On winter mornings, when the idea of ​​putting on an N95 and choosing an outfit to go to work is struggling to bear, I think, “What would Renee wear today?”

Trend: Catsuits

Inspiration: Kim Kardashian after passing the bar exam

Love her or hate her, Kim K has made a profound impact on the fashion landscape. The influence of their shapewear line Skims likely has something to do with the catsuit resurgence. I’m sure you saw her black Balenciaga outfit at the Met Gala in 2021. But my favorite take on the aspiring attorney’s catsuit look came in a recent Instagram announcement that she passed the “baby” bar exam in California after her fourth try. In the post, Kim proudly admires herself in the mirror, clad in a purple spandex ensemble. What is learning if not failing until we figure out how to do something better next time? Your trust is unwavering.

Singer Britney Spears, flanked by Steven Tyler of Aerosmtih, second from left, and hip-hop star Nelly, second from right, join 'N Sync members Justin Timberlake far left and Lance Bass far right on stage for the Super Bowl XXXV halftime show on Sunday January 28, 2001 in Tampa, Florida.

Trend: Loose pants

Inspiration: Britney Spears, ca.2001

I’m not quite ready to wear my teenagers’ low rise jeans just yet, but I’m ready to go so far this season that there are casual pants. I love to play with proportions. Think of Britney in the early 2000s pulling her pants up to just below her waist with a series of large, chunky belts.

There's something so classic about a camel coat.  Anne Conroy and Sarah Connell Sanders in Central Park, Dec. 2021.

Trend: Camel coats

Inspiration: Ali McGraw in “Love Story”

There’s something so classic about a camel coat. In the 1970 film “Love Story”, Ali McGraw strolls with her beau across the stormy campus of Harvard University, pops the collar of her double-breasted wrap-around jacket and promptly pulls the audience’s hearts. This winter, I hugged a similar wool dress – my version is from Jason Wu, updated with delicate cords and chunky leather buttons.

Trend: Mini skirts and dresses

Inspiration: Alana Haim in “Liquorice Pizza”

I finally gave in and went to the movies to see a movie for the first time in you know what. Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest masterpiece, Licorice Pizza, is set in 1973 in the San Fernando Valley. The main actress Alana Haim struts through the opening scene and looks fresh and sophisticated in a long-legged white mini skirt and a blue polo shirt, surrounded by dull high school students. Somehow the outfits only get better.

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