Companies are preparing to implement the Los Angeles vaccine mandate for many indoor facilities

The Los Angeles vaccination mandate begins at midnight Monday, and some local businesses are working to adapt.

Claire Risoli, owner of Pocha LA, said her restaurant has to obey the rules, but also can’t “ripple its feathers.”

“We just have to follow the rules if we want to play,” said Risoli.

However, Risoli does not want to have to “monitor” its customers either.

“It’s definitely a concern. I don’t want to be able to turn someone away, ”she added.

However, some customers are baffled by the requirement.

“I agree. We have three children. Whenever they wanted to do sports, you know what, they had to have their vaccination kit with them. They had to show it all at school. I think it’s good that they ask us to have vaccinations.” have ”, said Diner Roland Macias.

Further information on proof of vaccination can be found in the KTLA guide.


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