Columbus Short arrested again for felony domestic violence

Actor and “Scandal” star Columbus short was arrested again for domestic violence… law enforcement agency says TMZ.

Police officers say they were called to a home in the San Fernando Valley around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night over a verbal argument between Short and his wife that allegedly turned physical.

When police arrived, we were told that Columbus claimed his wife punched him in the face…but he had no leads. Police say they then spoke to his wife and noticed a minor injury.

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Although we were told the injury did not require medical attention, cops arrested Short on a felony domestic violence… felony injury.

It’s not the first time Columbus has had problems with his wife. In 2018 he was arrested for domestic violence and eventually pleaded not to fight and serve a fight 34 days behind bars.

At the time of this arrest, he was already on trial period for a bar fight in 2014. Regarding his most recent arrest, Short spent about 12 hours incarcerated before posting $50,000 bail.

He has yet to be charged.

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