Cobra Kai Season 5’s Miguel Story Is Johnny’s Most Dangerous Test Yet

Miguel’s inevitable Cobra Kai Season 5 storyline in Mexico is destined to be Johnny’s most dangerous, and important, test of the series yet.

Miguel’s inevitable Cobra Kai Season 5 storyline is Johnny’s most dangerous test yet. The season 4 finale ended with Miguel leaving the All-Valley Karate tournament to run away to Mexico to find his father, who he has never met. Little to his knowledge, his father has no idea who he is, and according to Miguel’s mother, Carmen, he holds a dangerous position in Mexico, possibly referring to the cartel.

At the end of Cobra Kai Season 4, Johnny tells Carmen he would go to Mexico to find Miguel, leading to his most hazardous subplot. The two are some of the best fighters in the San Fernando Valley, but danger may transpire in a threatening area with a criminal who has no idea he has a son. With no help from anyone else but himself, Miguel’s Cobra Kai season 5 story will be Johnny’s most crucial test of his life.


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Although Cobra Kai is about karate, it has much deeper meanings regarding family, explicitly regarding father and son relationships, as well as growing up. Miguel and Johnny have a close relationship, yet deeper down, Miguel yearns for more. After Johnny told Miguel he loved him but accidentally called him Robby, this was a turning point for Miguel; he craves that close relationship that he’s never experienced. Miguel is going to Mexico to meet his father, hoping for a relationship or at least a heart-to-heart conversation, and what he will possibly experience there is far from that. As Miguel unknowingly puts himself in the middle of a cartel situation, Johnny and Miguel will likely have to fight for their life just to get out of Mexico. The two will need to use what they have learned with karate, not just for minor issues like high school bullies, but to get out of a hazardous situation.

Miguel and Johnny in Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai Season 5 is destined to have some of the darkest plots of the series yet. Not only is the Valley in danger with Terry in charge of Cobra Kai and Kreese being locked up, but Johnny and Miguel’s storyline will be like nothing the show has seen before. While Daniel and Miyagi-Do try to keep the peace between the dojos, Johnny and Miguel will be far from home. It is yet to be determined what type of criminal or who Miguel’s dad is, but one thing is for sure: getting out of his region won’t be easy for Miguel and Johnny.

Cobra Kai season 5 will not only have compelling subplots, but it will be the most profound character arch of Johnny yet. Johnny going to Mexico to save Miguel would not only show that he loves Miguel enough to put himself in danger but highlights how much his character has progressed since Cobra Kai season 1. Miguel and Johnny face a treacherous path, but hopefully a rewarding one as well.

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