Cobi’s opens in the former Dhaba Space

Westside Dining Scene October 14, 2021

From Dolores Quintana

As reported by, Cobi’s, a Southeast Asian restaurant, is returning to a new location after it closes in 2021. The new restaurant opened in the former Dhaba Indian restaurant on 2104 Main Street in Santa Monica. Cobi’s serves curries like beef randang and other dishes like chicken larb and nasi goreng, as well as a wood-grilled dry-aged branzino. You can make reservations here.

Celebrated Filipino restaurant opening on Sawtelle

Photo: Facebook (@spoonandpork).

The acclaimed Filipino restaurant Spoon and Pork will soon open a new location in addition to its Silver Lake restaurant on the Westside. As reported by, Spoon and Pork co-owner Ray Yaptinchay is quoted as saying that the new restaurant will open in the former Kimikatsu room on 2121 Sawtelle Boulevard. The operating days of the new restaurant are Tuesday to Sunday with daily lunch and dinner times, lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 and dinner from 17:00 to 21:00. The restaurant serves as they describe it, modern Filipino home cooking like Chori Rice, Patita and Adobo Pork Belly.

Playa Vista Food Festival today

From left to right: Beef, chicken and pork tacos from LOQUI in Culver City. Photo: Kerry Slater.

A brand new food festival opens on October 14th in Playa Vista, as reported by It’s called Taste of Runway and it’s the link where you can buy tickets. The restaurants that serve food are Loqui, Urban Plates, Bell and Butterfly, Sol Cocina, Hopdoddy, Neighbors, and the Joliet Café which also serves drinks. Alcohol can be purchased separately. All participating restaurants are in the Runway Shopping Center, Neighbors will open soon, and there is live music.

Heirloom Masa Maker in operation on the Westside

Photo: Facebook (@masienda).

As reported by and Bon Appetit, Masienda is now making GMO-free Masa made from heirloom or landrace corn from Mexico available to chefs, restaurants and the public. Masienda founder Jorge Gaviria found that there were millions of farmers in Mexico working with seed breeders to obtain the maize varieties native to Mexico. He began supplying maíz to chefs like Sean Brock, Gabriela Cámara, Carlos Salgado and Rick Bayless after offering to deliver the heirloom cornmeal to Mexican chef Enrique Olvera, who opened Cosme restaurant in New York. In addition to selling masa and heirloom corn tortillas, Masienda’s website sells the heirloom corn varieties themselves and all of the equipment you need to make tortillas at home, as well as wholesale flour and other supplies to restaurants. The website has everything you need to make your own tortillas that taste like no other commercially available tortilla.

Cure Spa opening Malibu restaurant?

Photo: Facebook (@MalibuVillage).

There are rumors that Cure Spa is opening a restaurant near their spa in Cross Creek, Malibu, as reported by Both rooms are located at 23401 Civic Center Drive and while there is no confirmation that a restaurant will definitely open, Toddrickallen says there is an ABC request in the window mentioning that it is a “dining area.” It remains to be seen what the new space will bring to the Park At Cross Creek development, but it is very possible that a new Cure Spa-related restaurant or cafe is in the works. Cure Spa was not immediately available for comment.

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