Clarins is engaging the Malibu community to replant love in the Santa Monica Mountains

We often hear beauty and luxury brands talk about their sustainability ethos, but how? … [+] consumers decipher the talk of those who only ride the train?

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The coming together of communities and selfless volunteer work that is geared towards a common goal always creates a noticeable, contagious energy. Since environmental initiatives and sustainability efforts are now an integral part of almost every lifestyle brand, it has become difficult for the normal consumer to distinguish the people who are involved with the goal of “green washing” from those who really want to talk. And while now is hardly the time to be a “sustainability snob,” I find that sincere commitment and commitment to social responsibility ultimately reflects the types of products that are offered to consumers

Sustainable, conscious, ethical and mindful are terms today that often influence whether we want to support a brand or not. They also reflect a modern way of life that prefers positive effects to superficial impressions. And although this new way of thinking about the consumption of products and the tutelage of companies is still relatively new, the ideals on which it is based are by no means new. As Jacques Courtin Clarins his first Clarins spa on Rue Tronchet in Paris, his vision was to build an institute in which natural, holistic beauty and wellness are the pillars. The year is 1954 and already in that decade Clarins had the vision to focus on the use of only natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones.

Brandon Thomas Lee at the Replant Love event in Malibu.

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While most brands are only now moving on to the green lane, Clarins continues to pioneer and expand its efforts to protect and restore the planet’s biodiversity. At the end of 2021, for example, the company’s second Replant Love initiative took place in collaboration with. instead of Malibu Foundation. This inspiring concept, a “Planting Day Event” held in the Santa Monica Mountains, brought together over 300 volunteers and workers to “create and restore the area’s natural resilience and biodiversity.”

Melissa Reidhead, Head of Communications for Clarins in the US, said: “This was our second event with the Malibu Foundation. Our first Replant Love had over 700 planters and planted a record of over 3,000 native trees and plants for the area. ”This year’s event set a new record with 5,000 native trees and plants now firmly sown and growing. The company has also set up a local plant nursery in collaboration with the Malibu Foundation. Reidhead adds, “We have also planted in schools and communities in the area.”

Following the ravages of the Woosley Fire in 2018, the Malibu Foundation is committed to restoring biodiversity to the area. Evelin Weber, Executive Chair of the Malibu Foundation, says: “The Woosley Fire had a huge impact on our Malibu home and the biodiversity of the area. We look forward to working with the Malibu community to replenish native trees, plants and seeds that will help reduce the carbon footprint, restore native vegetation to the Malibu mountain range and protect the area from future forest fires. “

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The Clarins team also announced that the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area (SMMNRA) has been “overrun by more than 300 non-native, highly flammable, invasive plant species that are displacing native vegetation” since the tragedy. It has also endangered the endemic monarch butterfly, which the respected beauty label from France is also working on creating butterfly walkway stations.

Replant Love is just one of Clarins’ many restoration and revitalization initiatives. The company also runs a 2,000 acre private farm and open laboratory in the Alps called Domain Clarins. Reidhead explains, “It’s a living open-air laboratory that grows indigenous plants using ethical and sustainable farming methods. On this protected land, we use traditional farming techniques and minimal technology to create the ideal conditions for developing the highest quality ingredients. ”With expanded efforts like Le Domaine, consumers like me are able to discover the connection between a brand’s sustainability efforts and the products they offer .

Le Domaine Clarins in the Alps


Replant’s second year has not only shown growth in numbers. It also inspired Clarins to venture into other areas – marine restoration, to be precise. Reidhead announces: “Evelin Weber, the managing director of the Malibu Foundation, is also the founder of The Philippines Foundation. There are discussions now to expand the program in the Philippines to support the restoration of coral reefs created by excessive or illegal fishing. Although we are committed to planting the soil, we understand the loss of marine biodiversity worldwide. “

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