Children’s Hospital LA has cute Halloween cards to send – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • CHLA has three Halloween cards on its website; Pick one, write a note, and the card will be printed and given to a child in the hospital
  • An anonymous donor gives the hospital $ 1 for each card sent, up to $ 75,000
  • Send your card or cards by Friday October 29th

“Greeting” is such a happy word, in its sound, mood, and the fact that it almost seems like a cousin to “happiness” which is pretty nice.

We send greetings, cute cards and happy hellos to let people know we are thinking of them and when there is a holiday? You know the greetings will be even sweeter, more memorable and full of seasonal smiles.

That smile and that cutie is at the heart of a friendly Halloween card program, a limited-time give-back event now held at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Or rather, on the CHLA page, which means you can participate from anywhere.

How does it all work?

Well if you remember the hospital’s February 2021 Send-a-Valentine fundraiser, you know you pick one of the Halloween cards on the CHLA site, your name, email address, and a positive one Add a message and then send a long.

The coloring cards are presented to the children, who can then break out colored pencils and pencils to give each picture its own creative touch.

The fundraising part? This really is cuter than any bag of Halloween candy: an anonymous donor will give the hospital $ 1 for every Halloween card sent through Friday, October 29, up to $ 75,000.

As you can imagine, a lot of people want to send a lot of cards to children in Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, which means it is not possible to choose a specific child to receive your card.

But do you know that the kid who reads the note you wrote will enjoy the friendly connection and Halloween fun that you so kindly shared.

An important note from CHLA? The people behind the program advise, “To keep the celebration upbeat and positive for kids, please focus on the spirit of Halloween rather than recovery notes.”

You may find inspiration in the adorable drawings on the cards. There’s a cat who’s a bat, a pirate pup, and a rabbit who rocks a whimsical witch hat.

For more information on this generous Halloween themed program, please visit this CHLA site now.

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