‘Cheese Lovers Day’ Brings Queso Deals and Cheeseburger Week – NBC Los Angeles

what to know

  • National Cheese Lovers Day is on Jan 20
  • El Torito Grill and Acapulco Restaurant and Cantina are offering free queso with purchase (use the code QUESO) on Jan 20
  • Pasadena Cheeseburger Week launches on Jan. 22

We don’t hear the word “melt” too often in January, especially when the year’s first month has been especially frosty and nearby mountains are well-covered in not-ready-to-melt snow.

But the term does enter our most delicious daydreams thanks to this foodie fact: National Cheese Lovers Day is Jan. 20, a meltably marvelous occasion that prompts those people obsessed with dairy delights to seek out a favorite decadent snack (or two).

There are, in fact, many cheesy days on the cuisine-focused calendar — National Cheese Day, which we suppose is more about the food and not the food fancier, is in early June — but the holiday that arrives in January feels perfectly timed to our cold-weather hankerings.

To help those hankerings, there are a few special events, such as at El Torito Grill and Acapulco Restaurant and Grill, where your queso order is free with purchase on Jan. 20 (just be sure to use the code QUESO).

You’re welcome to add carnitas to your El Torito order, while the Acapulco dish in the savory spotlight is an appetizer queso featuring shrimp and spinach.

Even if you can’t connect with your favorite Camembert or Cheddar on Jan. 20, you’ll have something to anticipate when the weekend concludes: Pasadena Cheeseburger Week begins on Jan. 22.

A number of Crown City restaurants will have special limited-time cheeseburgers on their menus, and some deals, too.

And picking your favorite? You can via the Cheeseburger Challenge.

And if you’re a through-and-through lover of cheese, and want to anticipate a multi-day event that’s fully devoted to dairy delights, look to late March and a trip to Santa Rosa for the California Artisan Cheese Festival.

The snack-strong celebration’s popular tours do have a way of selling out before the festival, but there are several tempting components to consider, so stop by this site before tickets melt away.

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