Cheers to the Delish Delights of California Wine Month – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • September is California wine month
  • Tours, tastings, the Lodi Grape Festival and other tasteful festivals are on the calendar
  • Wine countries from Southern California to the far north are participating

GOLDEN HOUR? We all generally know what that means, whether you call it dawn or dusk, or the moments just before sunset or just after, or the few minutes you spend with a good glass of wine before the first star begins to twinkle. It is a special part of the day, something meaningful and sweet, and a time that we would like to extend by a few hours or a day or even a week. But there is a Golden Month that takes place in several parts of the Golden State and atmospherically unfolds during the golden period of September. The ninth month is California Wine Month, which means wine lovers, travel enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a funky / elegant / memorable experience in the tasting room will have plenty to do wherever they wander. For all of California’s praised wine countries, from north to south?

YOU CAN BET YOU’RE ON BOARD … with a variety of events, from guided tours to auctions to grape pounding. Rodney Strong Vineyards in Healdsburg is hosting a Harvest Dinner on September 18, with Pacific Connection running the wine-complementing kitchen, while the lively Lodi Grape Festival takes place on the same day (in Lodi, of course). Country music is in the sonorous spotlight of the South Coast Winery’s via Rhythm on the Vine, which will give the Temecula Valley a melodic sound on September 23rd. What if you want to connect with the Napa harvest scene? Best to do is to go to Merryvale in St Helena on the last Sunday in September. For all of the whiny activity, spend a few golden minutes browsing the California Wine Month website.

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