Celebrate the Redwoods from Home – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Saturday, October 16 at 5 p.m. (virtual and live stream)
  • For free; Donations are welcome
  • Presented by Save the Redwoods League, in support of Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve and Alder Creek

TREES IN OCTOBER? They are in many minds. After all, this is the heart of autumn when deciduous specimens shine a great red, yellow, or orange glow weeks before they say goodbye to all of their leaves. But October is an opportunity to ponder trees that aren’t at the top of the fall news, the old, old giants that seemingly invariably weather the seasons (though they absolutely change over time, of course). . Of course, the redwoods, the venerable giants we love here, are always on our minds, but in the tenth and tree-rich month we are ready to celebrate them, help their future and support an organization that has the worries of these ancient Earthlings in the head. And this celebration? It’s called …

“BRING ME TO THE TREES”, an event that has something special for Redwoods fans wherever they may be. This Save the Redwoods League event will also take place virtually again, so that people can watch and participate from anywhere. The industry-themed party takes place on Saturday, October 16 at 5 p.m. and includes interesting facts (you guessed it, sequoias are the topic), auctions and special comments. What is this fundraiser focusing on? Two lots, including the Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve, “730 acres of pristine coastal redwood forest with the tallest and largest ancient sequoia trees in Sonoma County, and Alder Creek, a spectacular 530 acre lot with hundreds of giant sequoia trees, over 400 of which are six feet or more in diameter, including the Stagg Tree, the fifth largest tree in the world. “

LEARN MORE NOW Learn about these sky-high wonders and join other tall tree enthusiasts from all over California and beyond in this great October event. No, this tree-cool convention is not about changing colors or autumn leaves, but about icons that have stood tall over the centuries. Help them stand for a long, long time by playing a role.

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