Casual break-ins at SMC – The

Santa Monica College was closed for almost a year due to COVID-19. Chief Adams stated that break-ins took place “because no one was around” and referred to this type of crime as “opportunity break-ins”. He said, “Usually we have about 400 in a year” [to] 500 reports. This year we are now in 67th place. So you can see from COVID that there is not much activity. “

During the lockdown, one of SMC’s three emergency trailers was stolen from parking lot 5 on Pearl Street in the middle of the night. This ambulance was equipped with a generator, emergency food and medical supplies in preparation for a possible earthquake.

The thief used a UHAUL truck with stolen license plates to drive away with the trailer. It was recovered but the supplies had long been taken and the case remains an open investigation. Chief Adams called this slump “the biggest we’ve ever had”. Steel bar boots have now been placed on the remaining two ambulances.

Chief Adams said that “minor thefts” predominate on campus. For example, the bookstore was attacked during the lockdown, power cables around the campus were stolen, and an employee left a car window in the parking garage on the Bundy campus for a passerby to break in. “That was a crime of opportunity. “

The first system order from the SMC Police Department is the direct phone line: (310) 434-4300. Chief Adams says, “When you dial 911, it doesn’t come through college, it goes to the local cell tower, which then goes to Santa Monica PD” This will delay the arrival of help to help you. Direct contact with the campus police ensures faster help.

To find the phone number, download the SMC GO application, click the Menu tab, scroll down to the Tools section and click on Campus Emergency.

The LiveSafe security application is developed and integrated into the SMC GO app so that students can upload images, text, videos and audio recordings.

SMC operates under 1300 video surveillance cameras and records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The campus police dispatchers have access to 30 live feed cameras at all times. Chief Adams said, “The cameras are a great deterrent to a lot of crimes.”

“I think we are very lucky. We have a good, hardworking community. ”Chief Adams said he“ expects there will be a lot more activity as more students come onto campus … We have many systems in place so we can respond immediately, when we are made aware of it. “

To learn more about SMC security, visit here.

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