Can the Los Angeles thieves win COD champions at home?

From the very beginning, the Los Angeles Thieves, let alone the 100 Thieves Brand in general, have been a much discussed and very popular team in esports. So when this team joins the Call of Duty League, where the championship ends in their hometown, the question grows. Can the Los Angeles Thieves win COD Champs at home?

The beginning

At the start of the season the team with Kenny, Slasher, TJHaly and Temp showed great promise. Only on the second stage did it go downhill. Which in turn led to Temp being eventually dropped where he decided to join the Paris Legion.

This led to a lot of changes in the roster when they then introduced Huke, which took everyone in the Call of Duty community by surprise. Which also didn’t work when they began to horribly place themselves.


In the middle of the season, they decided to put TJHaly and Slasher on the bench. Get Drazah and Venom off the bench to take their seats. They showed great promise when they won three of their five-tier games while playing.

It still didn’t add up, however, as the team struggled to get into the top six on stages three and four. This led them to put Huke back on the bench so TJHaly could hopefully revive their season.

Later in the season until now

Later in the season, they settled on the cast of Drazah, TJHaly, Slasher and Kenny. Which consequently showed very promising five group games and major in the final phase. One thing is certain, however, this team lacks a huge component in order to win and play well.

How can the thieves of Los Angeles Champs win?

As well as being the home team, they have serious experience in the Call of Duty championship. All four players have played at least one Call of Duty World Championship at the Call of Duty top tier.

This could be an X factor when it comes to playing during a game as all players are experienced in high pressure situations. Another X-factor could be the actual players themselves.

Kenny is the most confident he’s ever shown why he’s one of the most versatile players in the game. Meanwhile, Slasher shows himself to be a veteran who leads the team to victory.

Drazzah proves to be one of the most talented young players the league has ever seen, thanks to his almost unmatched weapon skills and movements. This together with the ice cream man himself, TJHaly, who shows why you can rely on him in high pressure situations.

The biggest thing the Los Angeles Thieves have is they have no expectations at all. They are not favorites to win a game at the Champs. Besides, they have nothing to lose.

Could this be the last stand of the most talked-about team in the league or will this be another mistake? All of this will be found out at this year’s Call of Duty Championship for the Los Angeles Thieves!

Featured image courtesy of the Los Angeles Thieves

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