Calling Home: Belinda Waymouth in Santa Monica

Belinda Waymouth is an environmental journalist and advocate who lives in Santa Monica with her husband, the stand-up comedian Jake Johannsen, and 17-year-old daughter, Fionnula. The family owns a home in Santa Monica (a city of 90k people), which is five blocks from the beach, where they surf. However, Belinda’s been doing it tough health-wise recently. She is currently recovering from a stem cell transplant and dealing with Multiple Myeloma cancer. Belinda has been living in Santa Monica for 20 years now. She moved to California in 1992 after three years in NYC, and has also previously worked as an actress, featuring in shows like Without a Trace, Nip/Tuck and CSI Miami and the Meet the Spartans movie. She’s calling home this morning.

Santa Monica-based environmental journalist and advocate Belinda Weymouth, pictured at Crater Lake in Oregon.
Photo: Supplied/Belinda Weymouth

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