Callback from California: Where to vote in Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA, CA – A gubernatorial election this week could overturn Democratic first-term governor Gavin Newsom. Ballot papers have already arrived in mailboxes across the state, but Californians have a chance to vote in person on Tuesday.

Nearly 6 million people were registered to vote in the Los Angeles district as of August 30, according to the California State Department office.

There are 46 candidates on the ballot to compete for Newsom’s job, including 24 Republicans, nine Democrats and 13 others. But voters should know that former GOP MP Doug Ose withdrew his candidacy for governor last month after suffering a heart attack.

The state’s Republican Party decided last month not to endorse a candidate, but Conservative talk show host Larry Elder has become the party’s front runner and has led the polls for months.

In a recent poll by UC Berkeley, Elder was the clear first choice for those looking to vote for a recall candidate, 28 percent ahead of the closest candidate.

The Democrats stood behind Newsom throughout the intensified recall. The governor was due to meet President Joe Biden in Long Beach on Monday for a final rally against what they called a Republican recall.

On the ballot, voters are asked two things: first, whether Newsom should be recalled, and second, who should replace him if he is recalled. If more than 50 percent of voters cast a vote to remove Newsom, the replacement candidate with the most votes wins the governor’s seat.

Here’s how you can cast your vote in Santa Monica.

Ballot boxes

Every registered voter in California received a ballot paper this month, and there are many ballot boxes across the county to put them in.

Here are some post boxes near you:

  • Santa Monica Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica
  • Montana Avenue Library, 1704 Montana Ave., Santa Monica
  • Virginia Avenue Park, 2200 Virginia Ave., Santa Monica
  • Marine Park, 1406 Marine Street, Santa Monica

Click here to find more Post Boxes in Santa Monica and across California.

Polling stations

Santa Monica residents can vote on election day or vote in person earlier. In-person voting locations offer same-day voter registration, replacement ballot papers, accessible voting machines, and voice support for those who need them.

Polling stations are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day in the following locations in Santa Monica.

  • Civic Center parking garage at 330 Olympic Drive, Santa Monica
  • Santa Monica Community College, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica
  • Christine Emerson Reed Park, 1133 7th Street, Santa Monica

Click here to find more polling stations across California.

Ready to cast your vote? Don’t forget that the state allows you to sign up to keep track of your ballot papers throughout the process. Do You Have Questions? Learn more about callback dialing on the county website or by calling 510-272-6973.

What is a recall?

California has had re-elections as part of its political system since 1911. The process enables the public to attempt to remove an elected official from office before his term expires. Before a recall election can be initiated, a certain number of voters must sign a request for removal within a certain period of time.

The state had 54 attempts to remove California governors. Only one governor has been removed in California history: Gray Davis in 2003.

Newsom has backed efforts to depose him, calling the campaign a campaign backed by extremists, supporters of former President Donald Trump and those against the coronavirus vaccines.

“This is – and forgive me – a Republican-sponsored recall where the main proponent of the recall efforts seeks to microchip immigrants,” Newsom said. “These people don’t believe in science, let alone climate science, and they don’t believe in the science behind this pandemic. There’s a lot at stake for the Californians in this race. “

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