CA Recall Candidate Profile: Meet Sam Galluci. know

Age (from election day)

place of residence

Party affiliation

Married to my wife Toni for 40 years.

Does anyone in your family work in politics or government?


Pastor and former managing director.

Campaign website

Previous or current elected or appointed office

Voters are asked to remove Governor Gavin Newsom. Why do you think he should be called back?
Governor Newsom was a complete failure during and before the pandemic. We have the highest gas tax, income tax, and sales tax, and almost the worst education and roads in the country. We’re first on any list you want to be last and last on any list you want to be first. The California shutdown crippled our small businesses. Governor Newsom’s response to COVID has been a complete failure, which resulted in small businesses closing their doors and thousands leaving unemployed.

How does your experience – professionally or politically – make you the right candidate to replace Newsom?
First, watch my introductory video on for an overview of the answer to your question.

# 2. My family lived and grew up here in California for 60 years, lived in LA, SanDiego, San Francisco

40-year career as follows:

# 3. 20 year old entrepreneur and high tech executive creating jobs for Californians.

# 4. I have personally helped for 12 years as a pastor for the homeless [get] over 4000 from the streets.

# 5. Founder of the Kingdom Centers – Emergency Shelters and Transitional Housing Center, created a new model for combating homelessness in local cities

# 6. 7 years pastor for Latino migrant farm workers addressing the undocumented crisis in Oxnard.

# 7. I’m not a politician, I’m a Californian who cares about getting into this race to address our most critical issues and bring all Californians together!

Compared to the rest of the contestants, I believe I have the most proven experience and compassion to win this race.

What makes you different from the other candidates for governor?
My compassionate experience to solve Californians’ most pressing problems such as homelessness and immigration. I’m the only candidate with a proven plan to tackle the California homeless crisis without spending more tax dollars.

My business experiences [will] help create jobs, cut taxes, and reverse regulations that are affecting job growth and causing people to leave California.

Describe one of Newsom’s policies or actions that didn’t work and what you would have done differently in the same situation.
These Covid solutions and guidelines did not work. I am 100% against a mask mandate and / or a lockdown. They didn’t work before, they won’t work again. I will not issue a mask, vaccination or lockdown mandate.

Its forestry policy was a complete disaster and its water policy did not work. We need to create more storage space and strategically cut down the forests before the fire season. My administration will use better forest management solutions. We will dismantle power lines and expand desalination water plants to use more water that our state can use. We need to create more water reservoirs to catch and hold water. Storage is a top solution for our water crisis. Governor Newsom failed to provide solutions to forest fires and our drought conditions.

Are there any Governor Newsom policies that you endorse, and if so, why?

How would you try to change or influence California’s political culture?
We need to restore moral leadership in Sacramento.

What’s the most important thing California needs to do to get out of the coronavirus pandemic, and what would you do in your first year to get there?
Inform our population. We can’t shut down our economy!

The best advice I’ve ever given was:

What else would you like to tell the voters about yourself and your positions?
I think the soul of our state has been lost.

I’m running for governor to make California the golden state again. I will unite Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and others for a better California by using every aspect of the innovation our state brings to fuel employment growth, improve education, and effectively resolve our homeless crisis. Together we can bring California back!

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