Bird Buffs Flock to Morro Bay for a Fabulous Feather Fest – NBC Los Angeles

what to know

  • Morro Bay Bird Festival
  • Jan 13-16, 2023
  • 160 events, including tours, workshops, and more

THE PLEASURES OF THE CENTRAL COAST… can seem as numerous as the birds that stop there each winter. You might enjoy some sublime seafood at a charming hut atop a scenic bluff or try a round of paddleboarding or take in a few vintage shops, the kind that brim with retro surfboards and the sort of retro artworks that rock a salty vibe. But if it is January, and you have a pair of binoculars attached to your hip, and a notepad in your pocket, chances are good as a pelican’s pouch is roomy that you’re there to bliss-out over the big, big bird scene . And it is oh-so-big: All sorts of flyers stop by and pass through the “Pacific Flyway” region when the temperatures dip, meaning feather fans from across the Golden State and beyond gather to admire the sky-high spectacular.

THE MORRO BAY BIRD FESTIVAL… is a vibrant four-day gathering of birders, and it will flap its wings in 2023 from Jan. 13-16. There are a lot of events — over 160, an impressive number — with tours, talks, and workshops offering visitors in-depth looks at the animals that pass through the area (as well as those that can be seen throughout the calendar along the Central coast). The festival is returning after a two-year hiatus, making the upcoming flock together especially festive. Some of the events that attendees will enjoy include Birding by Kayak, Wildlife of Point Buchon, Bird Song Magic in the Field, and On the Prowl for Rare Birds. Eager to try out a self-guided nature adventure? These are some of the local spots where you might spy egrets, ducks, and other beak-tastic creatures.

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