Back-To-School Winter Break Testing Expected For Santa Monica Students

SANTA MONICA, CA — Malibu and Santa Monica students were expected to take a number of precautions around winter break, including COVID-19 tests and recommended masking.

“We would like to end this semester with high attendance, which means we need to take precautions to prevent or minimize illness,” Superintendent Ben Drati said in a message to the district community.

Leading up to winter break starting Saturday, students were asked to stay home if they are sick even if they have tested negative for COVID-19, especially with RSV and influenza spreading locally.

Well-fitted masks were strongly recommended for students in indoor public spaces like classrooms, offices and auditoriums, Drati said.

“Masks are a great way to slow the spread of all respiratory viruses, not just COVID,” Drati said. “We are seeing a spike in cases throughout the District and this increase is projected to continue in Los Angeles County for the next few weeks.”

Students are expected to take a COVID-19 test before returning from winter break on Jan 3. Local school sites will send free at-home test kits home with each student, Drati said. Students should take their tests the evening before or morning of their return to school. Staff were also expected to take back-to-school tests.

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