At least 20 people involved in burglary and looting in Los Angeles Nordstrom

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – At least May 20 Suspects attempted to break into a Nordstrom store in The Grove mall in Los Angeles, California, Monday night. The break-in was followed by a quick police chase as some of the suspects attempted to evade arrest, CNN reports.

The incident took place at the Nordstrom department store in The Grove retail complex in Los Angeles, where a window was broken and a sledgehammer was left on the floor, local news channel ABC 7 reported.

Los Angeles police officers were involved in the chase after suspects escaped in at least four vehicles. It is currently unknown whether the suspects were arrested or escaped.

Unfortunately this was not an isolated incident. The reported break-in at The Grove is the latest in a series of similar crimes.

About 80 suspects usWe are involved in what the police called a “smash-and-grab” incident on Saturday night at a Nordstrom facility in Walnut Creek, near San Francisco.

Looters escaped the store in at least 10 different vehicles, Lt. Ryan Hibbs of the Walnut Creek Police Department told CNN and three suspects were arrested.

An eyewitness told reporters: “It was a lot of people. The police flew in. It was like a scene from a movie. It was crazy. … It was a scary scene for a moment.”

Police have not yet estimated a dollar amount for the stolen items, Hibbs said.

A series of similar robberies occurred Friday night in Union Square and the surrounding areas of San Francisco.

Targeted retailers in Friday’s break-ins included a Louis Vuitton store, a Burberry store, a jewelry store, Bloomingdale’s, a Walgreens, several cannabis dispensaries, and an eyewear store, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said on Saturday at a press conference.

Another Smash and Grab break-in occurred in Illinois last week.

On Wednesday at least 14 people broke into a Louis Vuitton store in the Oak Brook area of ​​Illinois and stole loudly. Merchandise worth at least $ 100,000 the Oak Brook Police Department.

Police told reporters that the people were carrying garbage bags when they stormed into the store on Oak Brook Center Mall. They took out the garbage bags and started filling them with items. A surveillance video from the store showed the chaotic scene as the masked shoplifters entered the store and grabbed as much of the goods as possible while shoppers rushed to avoid them.

According to Police Chief James Kruger, investigators have information about the three vehicles in which the thieves drove away.

Another incident occurred in October in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook in which Police say Eight people escaped with $ 66,000 worth of goods from a Louis Vuitton store in Northbrook Court Mall.

“We don’t yet know if there is an actual connection, but there are certainly similarities,” said Kruger.

Organized robbery and burglary attacks on popular stores appear to be a growing problem that the authorities are trying to address.

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