Are you going to SoCal? Try one of these Michelin rated restaurants

Southern California scored in the two-star and one-star categories when the Michelin Guide California 2021 awards were announced this week.

One restaurant in Santa Monica, Melissa, has entered the Michelin list at the two-star level. Addison from San Diego and Hayato from LA were both raised from one to two stars. SoCal restaurants now hold nearly half of the two-star awards (seven out of 16 nationwide). And several restaurants received one-star ratings, including Central Coast, Orange County, and San Diego options.

With Bay Area residents potentially heading for these destinations, we’ve included all of the Star Owners from Monterey Bay to San Diego who have either kept their stars or earned new ones for the first time:

TWO STARS (Excellent cuisine, worth a detour)

Addison (San Diego)

Hayato (Los Angeles / metropolitan area)

Melissa (Santa Monica)

N / Naka (Los Angeles / west side)

Providence (Los Angeles / Hollywood)

Sushi Ginza Onodera (Los Angeles / Hollywood)

Vespertine (Los Angeles / Westside)

ONE STAR (A very good restaurant in its category)

Aubergine (Central Coast / Carmel)

Bell’s (Central Coast / Los Alamos)

Bistro Na’s (LA / San Gabriel Valley)

CUT (LA / Beverly Hills)

Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura (LA / Beverly Hills)

Hana Rae (OK / Costa Mesa)

Jeune at Jolie (San Diego / Karlsbad)

Kali (LA / Hollywood)

Kato (LA / West Side)

Knife fold (OC / Costa Mesa)

Le Comptoir (LA / downtown)

Maude (LA / Beverly Hills)

Mori Sushi (LA / Westside)

Morihiro (LA / Northeast)

Nozawa Bar (LA / Beverly Hills)

Orsa & Winston (LA / Big City)

Osteria Mozza (LA / Hollywood)

Pasjoli (Santa Monica)

Pasta / Bar (LA / Encino)

Phenakite (LA / Hollywood)

Q Sushi (LA / Big City)

Rustic Canyon (Santa Monica)

Shibumi (LA / Greater Downtown)

Shin Sushi (LA / Encino)

Six Test Kitchen (Central Coast / Paso Robles)

Soichi (San Diego)

Sushi / Bar Montecito (Central Coast / Santa Barbara)

Sushi I-Naba (Manhattan Beach)

Sushi Tadokoro (San Diego)

Taco Maria (OC / Costa Mesa)

There are no three-star Michelin restaurants in Southern California; all six that are considered “exceptional cuisine worth a special trip” are located in Northern California.

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