Allegedly illegal Hollywood casino raided by law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles

Posted on: Oct 9, 2021 at 12:40 pm

Last updated: October 8, 2021, 5:09 am.

A store in Hollywood, California was recently raided in Los Angeles. The warrant led to the arrest of a person who allegedly engaged in illegal gambling activities at the facility.

Hollywood Casino California gambling den raidThis Hollywood, California store was operating an illegal gambling operation, according to Los Angeles police. A large number of people were arrested in a recent raid. (Image: Los Angeles District Attorney)

Los Angeles Attorney Mike Feuer announced yesterday that three different stores were recently searched on suspicion of illegal activity. Two were performed in illegal underground nightclubs where illegal narcotics were readily available. The third case concerns an alleged underground casino.

Fire, who is currently running to become the next Los Angeles mayor, said Los Angeles police issued a search warrant at 5547 Santa Monica Boulevard in September. The investigation began after a man who was beaten and robbed at the allegedly illegal casino gave police a lead.

The LAPD sent an undercover agent into the store, where they observed what appeared to be illegal gaming operations. The undercover cop could also buy methamphetamine.

Business owner admits role

Fire’s office stated that while the warrant was being carried out, police discovered unlicensed slot machines in the store on Santa Monica Boulevard.

A marquee at the location proclaims it as Young’s Market. The awning of the Quick Shop Mart says there is an ATM, EBT and money orders, and lottery tickets. An adjacent separate entrance to the building claims to be a Korean church.

In addition to the unregulated gaming terminals, the police also confiscated ammunition and “large quantities of cannabis”. Police said a person at the scene admitted using the rented space as a casino.

🚨BREAKING: City Attorney Mike Feuer is filing 17 criminal charges against two allegedly unlicensed nightclubs and one allegedly unlicensed casino in Hollywood.

– The office of Mike Feuer, LA City Attorney (@CityAttorneyLA) October 7, 2021

Brandon Chang, of unknown age and location, was arrested and charged with one case of illegal land and / or property use. If convicted, he faces up to six months in prison and a $ 1,000 fine.

Several other people were arrested on pending arrest warrants.

California problem

Law enforcement agencies in California continue to attempt the Herculean task of infiltrating the vast network of illegal underground gambling centers. This week’s bankruptcy is just the latest in a string of raids on allegedly illegal casinos.

Earlier this month, police in Daly City, California, allegedly confiscated illegal slot machines, narcotics and firearms from an apartment building. Last summer Orange County law enforcement charged 24 people with a number of violations. The tickets were for their alleged involvement in an underground gaming network that spans multiple locations and poses as convenience stores.

The police continue to ask residents to speak up if they suspect illegal activity.

The only way we can effectively take the steps we need to make Los Angeles the city we know can be is to get in touch, “said Feuer. “People need to be confident that they will be followed up when they report allegations.

“That is one reason why I am so focused on the great work of the LAPD, which kept going to these places and taking extraordinary steps to secure the immediate neighborhood,” he added.

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