Alana Haim’s mother taught Paul Thomas Anderson art in school

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

When people say “little world” they usually mean that it is a coincidence that you know someone they know. But how small it is, you can’t guess until you find out that the mother of a Grammy-nominated music trio was also the art teacher of one of the most influential directors of the 21st century. Alana Haim of Licorice Pizza (aka one-third of the HAIM sister trio) sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss her acting debut and step out of the shadows of her sisters. She revealed to Vanity Fair that her mother was actually Paul Thomas Anderson’s art teacher in elementary school. When Haim told PTA of their connection, she said he “went into his son’s room and brought out a painting of the Mountain from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He had painted it with my mother and kept it all these years. And he said, “I loved your mother. I can’t believe you’re Miss Rose’s daughters. ”The youngest HAIM sister and husband of Maya Rudolph (PTA) grew up in the San Fernando Valley and shared their love for the 818. They began working together after an introduction by Asa Taccone leading to seven music videos, a live song performance and a short film directed by PTA.

Alana isn’t the only HAIM sister moving in her solo career. The eldest sister Este composed the music for the Netflix series Maid together with the composer Christopher Stracey. Danielle Haim also made her co-directorial debut for HAIM’s music video “The Steps” last year. To say that talent runs in the HAIM family would be the least of all.

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