According to police, four storefronts were destroyed in break-ins in Burbank

A quiet street in Burbank was strewn with shards of glass on Friday morning after police said at least four stores were broken into before sunrise.

The incidents were, according to Lt. JJ Puglisi of the Burbank Police Department reported at 2:40 a.m. at Block 3200 on West Magnolia Boulevard.

The stores are small boutiques, he said, adding that “some clothes and a small amount of cash” have been taken from at least one store.

Puglisi said the incident did not seem to follow the same pattern as the spate of robberies that struck the Los Angeles area, many of which were high quality retail stores and which took place during store opening hours.

Los Angeles police announced Thursday that 14 suspects arrested in connection with the raid, including a youth, have been released on bail or without bail.

LAPD chief Michael Moore said perpetrators “capitalized on the zero-bail policy introduced last year for certain crimes, including burglary, as a public health measure to reduce prison populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.” “.

Puglisi said Friday that no suspects were identified in the break-ins in Burbank.

But, he said, “that happens when there are no consequences.”

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