Accommodation tips for international students at SMC – The

Santa Monica College (SMC) does not offer on-campus accommodation due to its commuter school status. However, Denise Kinselle, the director of the International Education Center (IEC), is helping international students with housing by providing information on off-campus housing.

A one-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica costs an average of $ 1,300 more than one in Los Angeles. Fraud is also a significant problem for people looking for an apartment online. Because of these factors, Kinselle suggests that students stay with a host family for a short period of time before looking for permanent housing. This allows students to secure accommodation of their choice and price, and search for accommodation in the SMC or Westwood area. The IEC website suggests searching for cooperative housing through the University Cooperative Housing Association.

Kinselle advises students to be aware of additional costs such as utility and application fees and to consider moving to SMC. Kinselle says apartments in Santa Monica and the Westside area often include water and garbage disposal, but not gas, water, electricity, or internet. International students are advised to pay around $ 1,300 per month for room and board. SMC offers a free Big Blue Bus service to SMC students. The Big Blue Bus only serves the Santa Monica area, so students living outside the service area cannot take advantage of this benefit.

Mahabala Orlov, an international student, says he has had difficulty finding accommodation near Santa Monica. He couldn’t find an apartment in his price range. Upon arriving in the United States (USA), he was fortunate to have friends whom he could stay with for a while, which made it easier for him to find apartments in his price range. He wanted to find an apartment that was about $ 1,000 a month, shared a room and bathroom, and was near SMC.

To be admitted to accommodation as an international student, he would need an I-90 form (a certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant status) and a bank statement from his parents. This showed the owners that Orlov is dependent and his parents are responsible for his dues if he does not pay. He also says that he did not seek help from the IEC department, which in his opinion would have made the process a lot easier.

Landlords typically charge a net income more than double the monthly rent and review a tenant’s financial information using bank statements, pay slips, and credit checks. They ask for an advance payment of the rent and a deposit.

When asked if SMC would have on-campus accommodation, Kinselle politely replied that she would be delighted if there could ever be accommodation on campus for international students, as they are the ones struggling the most.

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