Abby Arnold – Streetsblog California

Abby Arnold has spent her entire life in her beloved city of Santa Monica promoting a clean environment, people affected by homelessness, and other progressive causes. When Streetsblog LA started a pilot in Santa Monica half a dozen years ago to see if the “Streetsblog” model could work in smaller cities, Arnold was one of the first to volunteer on our steering committee and was a fixture in our team since then.

In today’s Meet the Board series of interviews, we talk about Santa Monica politics, what we’d like to cover more in the future, and how nonprofits should work with governments and foundations when awarding grants. I’ll give you a preview: she compares the process to dating.

In addition to Streetsblog / Santa Monica Next, Arnold was one of the leaders of a who’s who of interest groups like Santa Monica Forward, the League of Women Voters, and CLUE. She has also served on a variety of Santa Monica commissions, including a current stint on the Pier Commission.

This is the sixth podcast in our “Meet the Board” series. To watch our past podcasts with Jon Weiss, Carter Rubin, Kris Fortin, Terra Curtis or James Sinclair, click on their names.

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