A running list of LA restaurants that require proof of vaccine for indoor dining

As the delta variant of the coronavirus continues to roam Los Angeles County, affecting unvaccinated people the hardest, some in the restaurant and bar community are increasingly pushing to switch to a customer request for vaccinated customers only. This would mean checking the vaccination status of every guest and drinker (as well as checking IDs to make sure everyone at the bar is 21 or older) before they are served; no small feat for a workforce already burned out from a major nationwide reopening, long hours, historically low wages, and the occasional hostile customers.

Still, some believe that just getting a vaccination (at least for indoor eating) or having a recent negative COVID-19 test is the only way to contain the continued spread of the coronavirus and keep the same employees safe. because the delta variant has been shown to be transferable in some fully vaccinated individuals. It’s worth noting that these bars and restaurants aren’t alone: ​​quite a few entire regions, particularly New York City, have already begun mandating vaccinations for indoor dining (and many other indoor public experiences). On the spot, the city of Palm Springs decided to do the same, according to the LA Times.

So which restaurants and bars have started the transition? It’s a moving target as more and more places announce their vaccination-only plans on social media, but here are at least most of the places that have made the decision so far. To take a look at the first list of bars that go live with vaccination requirements, there’s also a handy selection of locations at LA Taco.

Formosa CafeWonho Frank Lee

Here is the list so far:

1642 bar, historic Filipino town
Akbar, Silver Lake
Bar Bandini, Echo Park
Bar Franca, downtown
Bar Henry, Echo Park

Bar Finster, Hollywood
Bigfoot Lodge, Atwater Village
Bigfoot West, Palms
Birdie G’s, Santa Monica (starting August 16)
Blind Barber, Culver City

Blind Barber Shop, Highland Park
Café degli Artisti, Hollywood
Cassia, Santa Monica (starting August 16)
Cha Cha Cha, Silver Lake
Club Tee Gee, Atwater Village

Conservatory, West Hollywood
Intersection, West Hollywood
Ester’s, Santa Monica (from August 16)
Footsie’s, Cypress Park
Formosa Cafe, West Hollywood

Gigi’s, Hollywood
Gold digger, Hollywood
Gold Line, Highland Park
Harlowe, West Hollywood
HiTops, West Hollywood

Highland Park Bowl, Highland Park
Huckleberry, Santa Monica (starts August 16)
Idle Hour, North Hollywood
Johnny’s Bar, Highland Park
L’Antca Pizzeria da Michele, Hollywood

La Cuevita, Highland Park
Langer’s Deli, Westlake
Largo, West Hollywood
Lasita, Chinatown
Little joy, Pasadena

Lolo, East Hollywood
Los Globos, Silver Lake
Mandrake Bar, Culver City
Melody, Virgil Village
Melody Lounge, Chinatown

Melrose Umbrella Co., West Hollywood
Milo & Olive, Santa Monica (starting August 16)
Milo SRO, Santa Monica (starting August 16)
Oldfield’s, Palms
Osteria La Buca, Melrose

Osteria La Buca, Sherman Oaks
Permanent Record Roadhouse, Cypress Park
Precinct Bar, downtown
Redline, downtown
Risky Business, North Hollywood

Rustic Canyon, Santa Monica (starting August 16)
Sassafras Saloon, Hollywood
Sunset Beer Co., Echo Park
Sweet Rose Creamery, Santa Monica (starts August 16)
Tabula Rasa, East Hollywood

Tallula’s, Santa Monica (starting August 16)
The Abbey, West Hollywood
The airliner, Lincoln Heights
The Falls Lounge, downtown
The Good Nite, North Hollywood

The Lash, downtown
The Moroccan Lounge, Art District
The New Jalisco Bar, Downtown
The Offbeat, Highland Park
The quick stop, Echo Park

The thirsty crow, Silver Lake
Tramp Stamp Granny’s, Venice
Winston House, Venice

Do you know of any other restaurants that have decided to make vaccinations mandatory for on-site dining indoors? Let us know in the tip line.

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