A pop-up drive-in helps the Valley Relics Museum – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • October 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th at the Lake Balboa Complex
  • A portion of each ticket is donated to the Valley Relics Museum to help it recover after the pandemic closes
  • $ 20 general admission per person (everyone in the vehicle must have a ticket); $ 55 family / group package (includes seat belted)

When we’re in our cars, we’re usually on the move. We’re on our way to work, to school, to errands, to the store, or to an adventure.

But sometimes when we come to a stop, pull the key out of the ignition, slip a sweater over our shoulders, open a packet of cheese snacks, and stare out of our windshield at a creepy movie, other things can start moving, even if the one Engine is at a standstill.

Our hearts can beat loudly, or it seems our minds can race and our imaginations can? A scary movie can send it into a surreal flurry of mental somersaults.

It’s the magic of the drive-in movie we’re describing here, the place where our physical roles stop rolling, but our brains go into high gear at the sight of a ghost, monster, or villain.

The organizers behind the San Fernando Valley Drive-In understand that perfect combination, a stopped car and a living movie screen, and they are ready to welcome back any movie buffs who enjoy good surprises while they make themselves comfortable in their cars.

To make this haunting event happen, the drive-in returns to the Lake Balboa Complex in October, with four nights of terrifying classics.

The emotional element of the event isn’t terrifying: a portion of every ticket sold is donated to the Valley Relics Museum, which stores and displays signs, photos, and artifacts from the San Fernando Valley. The museum stayed closed for several months at the start of the pandemic, and the My Valley Pass team who run the drive-in theater are keen to help him recover.

The data? Look forward to mid-October, exactly when we’re looking for some pre-Halloween high jinks of the most cinematic variety.

“The Lost Boys” is on the program, “Teen Wolf” too, while “Sleepy Hollow” will ride a creepy steed. Contribute to the Burton-esque flair of the films? “Frankenweenie” can also be seen on the big screen and “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” flickers on another night.

“Gremlins”, “Return to Oz” and “The Craft” will also be released soon.

Every person in the vehicle needs a ticket, although there is also a family / group option that covers everyone in a buckled seat.

For full details on this returning gem, what to expect, and how these four nights will help the Valley Relics Museum after the pandemic closes, click.

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