A 90 foot tall snowman spotted in Santa Monica – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Pacific Wheel in Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier
  • Watch it for free in person or on webcam
  • Sunset through midnight through December 30, 2021

The words “snow” and “solar” don’t often come together because rays of sunshine have a pretty remarkable way of turning snowflakes into cold water droplets.

And yet?

With a little magic in the air and Christmas approaching, and the wizards operating the 174,000 LED lights on the Pacific Wheel on Santa Monica Pier having the Noël-inspired imagination, a snowman can materialize on a sun-related attraction.

Make this an oversized snowman about nine stories tall, which is about 90 feet.

And the frosty guy now appears every evening until New Year’s Eve, from sunset to midnight at the side of the iconic attraction.

But it’s snow so that the people behind the happy light show only show one picture. If you look long enough at the glittering side of the ferris wheel, you’ll spot Rudolph and Santa Claus too.

One has to keep in mind that the beloved reindeer’s shiny nose goes perfectly with LED lights that cover a large strip of ultra-bright attraction.

So you’re saying that for the next few evenings you will be watching every light show in the region? Don’t miss the one at the end of Santa Monica Pier. It is the closest light show to the ocean that is not directly on the ocean, a presentation full of verve, happiness and happiness in the Santa Monica style.

Can’t be there in person? There’s a livecam that allows people everywhere to see in the light of the stars what it’s like when a mega snowman meets a solar powered miracle.

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