21 Incredible Reader Pictures from 2021: California in Photos

ACROSS CALIFORNIA – As we prepare to close the book in 2021, we paused to ponder all of the photos submitted by Patch readers throughout the year.

Here are 21 incredible reader pictures from 2021.

The picture was taken on Sept. 9, looking west toward Cowles Mountain, Hodge said. The lights on the horizon on the left are Grossmont College.

Beauty on Alameda Beach

(Photo by Julie Castillo)

Julie Castillo, who took this photo on Alameda Beach, told Patch, “I always try to capture beauty.”

Napa Night Out

(Courtesy photo of the Napa County Sheriff’s Office)

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office took this precious photo at Napa’s National Night Out in August.

Palm Springs: an abandoned icon

(Photo by Jim Ponder)

Patch reader and Loma Linda-based photographer Jim Ponder captured this haunting and breathtaking image of an abandoned Palm Springs motel sign – in black and white.

“The possibilities of finding beauty in our state are limitless and wonderful,” Ponder told Patch.

Life is beautiful underwater

(Photo by Wendy Theders)

Patch reader Wendy Theders used her GoPro to capture this early morning shot of Laguna Beach marine life while she and the Laguna Beach Open Water Swimmers were out for a morning swim.

The best light (for taking photos) is in the morning when the sun comes up, Theders said.

Dixie Fire Front Lines

(Photo by Casey Tholborn / Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff)

Photographer Casey Tholborn of the sheriff’s Contra Costa County Office captured this picture in September while serving on the Dixie Fire in Plumas and Lassen Counties, Northern California.

Big Bay Boom lights up the San Diego skies

(Photo by Chris Mannerino)

Patch reader Chris Mannerino captured this stunning picture during the Big Bay Boom fireworks show in San Diego on July 4th. He took the picture from the La Playa neighborhood in Point Loma. See more of his photo gallery.

‘Forever Searching for Rays of Light’

(Photo by Beth Curasi)

Patch reader Beth Curasi captured this image from the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the northern California community of Pescadero.

Bright orange sunset on Venice Pier

(Photo by Gina Sommo)

Patch reader Gina Sommo captured this unreal, bright sunset from Venice Pier.

Crackling sunset in Venice

(Photo by Leo Flores)

Leo Flores of the Operational Services division of the Department of Beaches and Harbors of the County of Los Angeles captured this fiery prospect on a hot January weekend in Venice.

.Northern California Super Moon

(Photo by Dave Kornreich)

Patch reader Dave Kornreich shared this photo of a glowing April super moon taken from his backyard in Danville.

Bobcat sighting

(Photo by Kendall Oei)

Patch reader Kendall Oei shared this photo of a recent bobcat sighting in the Diablo Foothills area of ​​Concord.

Wildlife at Lindo Lake

(Photo by Gary Schwartzwald)

Patch reader and local photographer Gary Schwartzwald captured this wildlife photo at Lindo Lake in Lakeside, near San Diego.

Hot air balloon over Napa Valley

(Photo by Al Francis / Napasonomaphotos.com)

Patch local photographer Al Francis captured this colorful picture of a hot air balloon taking off from the Napa Valley on a clear October day.

Beautiful sea

(Photo by Ruben Araiz)

Patch reader and local photographer Ruben Araiza captured this stunning picture in Oceanside Harbor.

After the rain

(Photo by Ken White)

Ken White captured this beautiful rainbow over the Palos Verdes peninsula after the rain.

Kaleidoscope sunset in Santa Monica

(Photo by Jill Woo)

Jill Woo captured an incredible summer kaleidoscopic sunset near Santa Monica Pier as people slacklined in delicate equilibrium over the sand and setting sun.

‘Fireball Sunset’

(Photo by Cindy Blaser)

Patch reader and Carlsbad resident Cindy Blaser captured this “Fireball Sunset” photo on Jan 13th on South Carlsbad State Beach.

‘Perfect Spring Day’

(Photo by Dione Tamura)

Patch reader Dione Tamura sent this photo, which was taken in Petaluma in April.

“We love Sonoma County because there are so many beautiful places to walk and enjoy the outdoors,” Dione told Patch. “It was a perfect spring day and I wanted to remember it.”

Lion at the San Diego Zoo

(Photo by Gary Schwartzwald)

Patch reader and local photographer Gary Schwartzwald captured this photo of a lion at the San Diego Zoo.

View of San Francisco from the Oakland Hills

(Photo by Yogesh Jaiswal)

Yogesh Jaiswal is a very happy man. This stunning photo was taken from his home in the Oakland Hills. The colors and composition are amazing.

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