2021 Halloween forecast for Santa Monica

Mother Nature has this in store for Halloween 2021.

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Mother Nature has this in store for Halloween 2021.

SANTA MONICA, CA – Before the cutest witches and goblins in town hit the streets of Santa Monica in search of the cutest Halloween bounty, it’s a good idea for parents to check out what Mother Nature does for the annual trick or treating in our community.

Trick or treat is scheduled for Sunday night in Santa Monica. Considering the event is only days away, there’s a good chance we’re lucky when it comes to the weather.

If you set off on Sunday evening, expect the high to hit 61 and a low of 57 degrees. During the day it will be partly sunny and at night it will be cool.

Here’s your prediction for Halloween weekend:

Friday will be sunny and very warm. The high is 80 and the low 57 degrees.

Saturday will have clouds and sun. The high is 72 and the low 56 degrees.

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