15 date-worthy restaurants open on Monday nights in Los Angeles

Most often, Monday night dinner is meant for comfort dining in a simple setting or even (gasp) for dinner at home. For many, it’s a day to recharge your batteries after a long weekend in hip bars and hotspots across town, but for those who really know their stuff, Monday night offers a chance to beat the crowd and still eat in some of the best restaurants in the greater metropolitan area LA good to eat. These are places that work for off-weekend dates or anniversaries, restaurants where the service, drinks, and decor help put the whole meal together – and where it’s possible to actually hop in without waiting months for a reservation list have to. Here’s where to grab a table in LA on Monday nights.

Health experts consider restaurant dining a risky activity for the unvaccinated; The latest data on the delta variant suggest that it may pose a low to moderate risk to those vaccinated, especially in areas with significant transmission. The latest CDC guide is here; You can find a COVID-19 vaccination center here.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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