133-year-old rainfall record broken in downtown LA – NBC Los Angeles

A 133-year-old rainfall record was broken after a storm swept across Southern California with wind, cold temperatures and heavy rains.

NBCLA’s Melissa Magee said Thursday’s storm brought impressive amounts of rainfall overall.

1 to 5 inches of rain has been recorded across the region.

SoCal’s record breaking December storm in photos

Downtown Los Angeles had fallen 2.16 inches, breaking a record set in 1888 on December 14th.

Only 0.96 inches was the record for December 14, 1888. That record was broken early in the day.

Baldy Village fell 5.10 inches of rain, followed by 4.58 inches in Woodland Hills and nearly 10 inches in Modjeska Canyon.

While the worst of the storm was through, spotty showers were expected for the remainder of the Tuesday night.

What’s coming?

At the higher elevations, snow will continue to fall and the sky will clear overnight, with the exception of the mountainous region. Wednesday will be very cool but dry, Magee said.

Windy and only 28 degrees. Howling winds brought rain and then snow to Big Bear. Hetty Chang reports December 14, 2021.

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