101 Motorway closure this weekend: map, detours, driving tips

Drivers in the city center take note: the continuation of the construction work on the 6th Street Bridge will block the 101 Freeway from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.

Work on the bridge will close 2 1/2 miles of the freeway in either direction, starting where freeways 101 and 10 split and ending where intersections 5, 10, and 101 east of downtown Los Angeles said city officials. Construction crews will remove a frame around the bridge after installing the cable brackets along the arches over the highway, which are now fully supported.

The closure this weekend is also forcing motorists traveling west on the 60 Freeway towards downtown LA to find an alternate route.

The shutdown comes 5 1/2 years after the original 84-year-old bridge that closed the 101 Freeway for 40 hours was demolished.

A second planned closure along the same route is planned at the same time – 10 pm-3pm. – 4th-6th November.
Detours around the construction site along the main highway are:

Motorists traveling north on Orange County 5 Freeway and approaching Junction 5, 10, and 101:

Exit west on 10 Freeway or take 5 Freeway north.

Motorists can also bypass the lockdown by heading north on the 710 Freeway towards 10 West or taking 10 West onto 110 North.

Drivers heading west on the 60 Freeway from Pomona and approaching Junctions 5, 10 and 101:

Exit west on 10 Freeway.

Exit north on Freeway 5.

Drivers can also try to take 710 North to 10 West or 10 West to 110 North.

Motorists heading south on the 101 Freeway from the San Fernando Valley and approaching splits 10 and 101:

Exit east on 10 Freeway.

Drivers can also go south on 110 to the 10 east or take 10 east to 710 South.

The planned closure this weekend marks another milestone in the construction of the new bridge, known as “The Ribbon of Light,” which will feature 10 lighted arches over the LA River.

The former iconic viaduct that connected Boyle Heights to the inner city and played a central role in many films and TV shows was demolished in 2016. City engineers determined that the previous structure needed to be replaced due to seismic vulnerability and chemical deterioration in the span of concrete.

The replacement project should be completed by the end of 2019, but work has been significantly delayed during the pandemic.

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